We Were Tomorrow/ The Lost Nirvana ( TV-series)


Mad Lane Productions


Noah and Evelyn navigate through three lifetimes to unearth the truth about their destiny with
Warrick and Siena, but their efforts to flee the dying world become complicated when Cainan immortal, decides to hunt them down.


Gyton Grantley, Chai Romruen, Madeleine Kennedy, Johnny Brady, Alicia Banit, Nic
Westaway, Tessa James, Amie Casey, Chris Kirby, Nikolai Nikolaeff, Maya Stange, Tim
Pocock, Lara-Jean Marshall, David Beamish, Haiden Walker and Hallie Baker.

Directed by

Darwin Brooks & Madeleine Kennedy

Produced By

Madeleine Kennedy & Amy Casey


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(Makeup in photoshoot not done by AM Makeup Artist)