About Anna

About Anna

My name is Anna, and I am a Norwegian makeup artist based in Brisbane, Australia, working mainly in film/TV. I strive to highlight the beauty of human beings in all of their complexity and uniqueness to embrace our differences rather than ignore them. I hope to achieve a more united and understanding society by breaking taboos and creating raw, unapologetic and relatable characters through different modes of storytelling.


My professional makeup career started in 2013 when I graduated from The Academy Of Freelance Makeup in London, UK (AOFM). At this world-renowned academy, I learned from a wide range of industry-leading makeup-artists including Michelle Webb (X-Men) and Carolyn Roper (Double World Body Paint Champion), who provided me with unique knowledge and guidance. The tutors varying approaches to creating specific looks has encouraged me to try new methods to evolve my skills continually.


Since graduating, I have worked on several film- and TV-productions, including the TV-show We Were Tomorrow, the feature film Jiva and the internationally touring band Sticky Fingers music video “Kick On”. Feel free to check out my IMDb, or CV for more credits. 


I believe my job as a makeup artist goes beyond the actual application. Therefore, by thorough script analysis, external research and the vision of the director, I aim to give the characters authentic looks by highlighting the uniqueness of each character. 


_Everyone needssome place beautiful._ (10)