About Anna

Anna is an internationally published, certified makeup artist trained at The Academy Of Freelance Makeup in London, UK. With roughly 5 years in the industry her experience ranges from fashion and beauty to Film/TV, and even includes special effects and Avant Garde makeup.

Anna was born in Stavanger, Norway in 1992 where she lived until she was 17 when she moved to The USA as an exchange student. This year sparked Anna’s interest in learning about different cultures and inspired her to keep traveling. After she graduated High School she has never stayed in the same place for more than a year straight. She has travelled most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand has lived in London, UK and Brisbane, Australia, where she is currently located.

In 2013 Anna graduated from The Academy Of Freelance Makeup in London, UK (AOFM) with a Complete Artistic Pro Specialist Certificate (Certificate III). At this course, she was taught by industry leading makeup artists like Michelle Webb (X-Men), Carolyn Roper (Double World Body Paint Champion), Dani Fonseca (Lady Gaga music videos) and many more giving her a unique base of knowledge. Being taught by new people every day, Anna quickly learned that there is no right or wrong in makeup, which is why she is always eager to pick up tips and tricks from anyone she works with and continue to evolve her skills.

Since she graduated Anna has worked on numerous short films, and other productions including the TV-show “We Were Tomorrow” the feature film «Hannah», and the Web series “Legends of Marithia”. She has worked with actors known from productions like “Home and Away”, «Shannara Chronicles»  and “Thicker Than Water”.
Anna frequently collaborates with highly recognized photographers and models and her work has been published internationally by multiple magazines.

Anna is known for her creativity and attention to detail. Her hard work and dedication to her passion has been noticed and rewarded by both Makeup-Artist magazine and MAC Cosmetics who have granted her their ProCards. Anna is efficient, detailed and determined to make every client satisfied.




Promo Video, AM Makeup Artist from Anna Mathiassen on Vimeo.